My First Walk

I was eight years old when I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Like a lot of eight year old I did not fully understand the significance of what was happening to me. I only knew that I loved the Lord with all my heart and I felt something that I could not really describe in my own little words. I knew I needed Him more than ever and so I took the journey.

It was not until I met my husband at the age of twenty one that I fully started to understand the reality of Christianity. This Jesus that I had served for the past thirteen years suddenly became real to me. Let me explain.

I was invited to a home of a very good friend of mine who was having problems with a family member. It was a group of us. We had no idea what we were walking into. We thought we were only going to pray for someone. Little did I know that this would be my first encounter with the spiritual world that I had heard so much about. When we walked into the home we were met by my friend’s mother who ushered us in, giving us the right to do what we came to do, and so we did. During the course of the evening a family member entered the home. By his actions we could tell that he was very much agitated by our praying. The demons in him began to manifest in the most violent way. Of course not fully understanding what was happening I started to feel a crippling fear that left me speechless. (Never enter into warfare blindly). There are times when we will be caught unawares. I believe a child of God must always be prepared.

The night proceeded on with some of the most violent acts of rage. We were caught in a storm that we were not prepared for. I remember being told to make a circle and pray. So we huddled together in more fear than faith and began to pray. During that time amazing things began to happen. “Was it possible that God would still move even though we were so afraid?”. The mustard seed faith that we had allowed the Holy Spirit to open to us the reality of His wonder working power. We began to see and understand the greatness of our God.

The first miracle that took place was seemingly so simple. The young demonised man took a piece of wood and lit it a fire. He proceeded toward the window where he attempted to set the curtains ablaze. We could actually see the fire on the lace curtains but it was not burning. It was not even singed. Then all of a sudden it was as though someone blew out the flame. Each time he attempted to light the wood it blew out as though someone was standing right there in front of him. When that did not work out he proceeded toward the kitchen were he got a hold of some glass bottles and began to throw them at us. What made this so amazing was that the bottles would come toward us but for some reason refuse to hit us. It was as though we were surrounded but some invisible force that kept us from being hurt. You could actually see the bottles hitting against something was not visible to the naked eyes. We were also told to hold firm our positions and not be tempted to run away. We were walking on broken glass that felt like sponge beneath our feet. One sister of ours got so afraid that she ran out of the house and one of the broken glass that felt so soft beneath our feet badly cut her. “Fear would always open doorways to Satan.”

I left there that night knowing two things. The first is that I serve an omnipotent God. I also learnt that Satan’s power is real but thank God he’s defeated.

I have since had so many encounters with the supernatural world but in all this knowing that God has equipped us with everything for Godly living not only in this world but the spiritual as well.

We are the righteousness of God in Christ. This means that we have the right to stand before our Father without the sense of sin, guilt, or inferiority. This means that God has taken care of the sin problem by Christ dying on the cross removing that sin that caused eternal damnation for us. He became what we were so that we would be become what He is. 2 Cor. 5:21. He also took care of our guilt. We strand justified and uncondemn before Him. Rom. 4”25, 8:1. And inferiority because we are seated in heavenly places in Christ. We are not inferior to anyone. Eph. 2: 6-7. Christ is seated above all principalities and powers and might and dominion and we are seated in Him. Our Heavenly Father covered us on all sides. Isn’t He awesome!!!

When we understand who we are, what we have and who of Heavenly Father is then and only then can we truly walk in this newness of life.

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