Nugget: The Holy Spirit takes hold together with us

My nugget for today. Romans 8:26 -27. This is saying that there is perfect communication between the Father and the Holy Spirit. They are one. So, when the Holy Spirit starts interceding it goes directly to the Father. He in turn helps us bypass our limitations, our understandings when we pray.
The Words here “For He make intercession for us” is a compound Greek word that means “TO TAKE HOLD TOGETHER WITH US”. This is saying that the Holy Spirit can’t automatically intercede with you without your cooperation and you can’t effectively intercede by yourself without the Holy Spirit. So, when you start praying and tying in with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit takes hold together with you and then you have an intercession beyond yourself. A supernatural intercession ” with groanings that cannot be uttered” (in aticulate speach) . This means, it comes from deep down in your spirit that you cannot express in words. AWESOME!.

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